A conscious approach…

to everything we do.

Conscious Events 

Let’s run your business events with everything you need to take care of attendees so they can connect better with the content.  Provide an extraordinary experience integrating people’s minds, hearts, souls and bodies. 

Helping You find You

There are so many alternatives for self development that it became hard to understand what’s best for you. We know what is out there. We listen to your needs and give you the best options for you to choose from!

Who we are

What we stand for

A world in which we can bring love and wisdom in everything we do

Our path
Years of working in the business world, experimenting what life brings, creating alternative solutions, always being reminded that we can choose our next move
The Team
A network of experts in different fields connected through our intention and practice to bring consciousness to everything we do together


Check this out and get inspired! Jorge Drexler, best Latin-american song 2018 Grammy winner, invites us to reflect on who we are and where we come from. Are you up for it?

Get inspired by this 365 grateful project. Are you in?

The best Mantra ever…

Listen to inspiring talks. Here you will find inspiring talks and podcasts that might help you connect with the best in you.



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